🫑 Bell Pepper


Taste, Flavor, Health, Organic, Vegetarian, Subtle Spice, Texture, Crunchiness

🫑 Meaning: A green cylindrical vegetable that’s rounded on all edges and also has grooves at regular intervals, thus creating the signature bell pepper design. There’s also a greenish-yellow stalk at the top.

The 🫑 Bell Pepper emoji can be used to refer to bell peppers of all colors. It suggests much less spice when compared to hot peppers, taste, flavor, subtlety, and a sense of adding visual texture to food as well.

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How and When to Use the 🫑 Bell Pepper Emoji

  • If you’re posting or reposting some vegetable photography that predominantly has bell peppers in it (it can be organized photography or even a picture you clicked at the market), you can use 🫑 in those post captions.
  • Use 🫑 while sharing informative content on organic health, vegetarianism, and even bell peppers in specific.
  • Did you make a kickass salad or a burger or anything with a dash (it can also be a massive dash) of bell pepper in it? Are you sharing a social media post or a direct message (DM) about the recipe along with a picture? Then, you ought to use 🫑 in the caption.
  • 🫑 can be used in bell pepper contexts where there isn’t any bell pepper -like bottles of healthy juice (which may or may not be bell pepper juice), a picture evoking an organic vibe, and also has lots of green in it, etc.

Other Names

  • 🫑 Green Pepper
  • 🫑 Capsicum
  • 🫑 Red Peppers
  • 🫑 Yellow Peppers
  • 🫑 Sweet Pepper
  • 🫑 Orange Peppers
  • 🫑 Purple Peppers

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