🧅 Onion


Tears, Spice, Pungency, Layers, Privacy, Masked, Cooking, Flavor, Smelly

🧅 Meaning: A perfectly round vegetable with a pointy tip on top and a slightly hairy stem bud at the bottom. The emoji is designed in a subtle pinkish-orange shade, which might be darker on some platforms.

Considering the amount of visual discomfort onions can cause, the 🧅 Onion emoji can signify tears (not stemming from sadness, thankfully). It can also suggest spice, pungency, privacy, and a sense of having more sides or layers to something or someone (sure you can think of one).

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How and When to Use the 🧅 Onion Emoji

  • In a casual chat, if someone said something that they assumed would offend you, you can use 🧅 in that conversation. Like, “Omg. I cannot begin to express how much I’m crying about it rn 🧅”. It can be vice versa too.
  • Are you talking about something or someone who seems to have more to them than what meets the eye, then you can use 🧅 to describe that situation, person, or even a conversation.
  • Use 🧅 while sharing pictures of onion-based edibles like onion rings.
  • Don’t limit the use of 🧅 to just onions that look like the emoji, it can be used for all types and forms of onions and for spring onions too!
  • You can use 🧅 in contexts of catfishing as well 😬.
  • If you’re sharing a picture, the caption for which would revolve around the grounds of ‘masks’, ‘layers’, etc, then guess what, you can use 🧅 in that caption.

Other Names

  • 🧅 Bulb Onion
  • 🧅 Common Onion
  • 🧅 Shallot
  • 🧅 Scallion
  • 🧅 Spring Onion
  • 🧅 White Onion
  • 🧅 Potato Onion
  • 🧅 Leek
  • 🧅 Chive
  • 🧅 Chinese Onion