⚔️ Crossed Swords


Fight, Battle, Combat, Fighting, Weaponry, Cutthroat, Victory, No Chill

⚔️ Meaning: A pair of swords, similar to a 🗡️ Dagger in design, kept one in front of the other to form an ‘X’. Each sword has a black handle and a long metallic sharp knife.

The ⚔️ Crossed Swords emoji broadly symbolizes fighting or a fight. It signifies skill, bravery, grit, and war too. Hence, this emoji may be the perfect one while asking someone to come at you!

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How and When to Use the ⚔️ Crossed Swords Emoji

  • While posting or reposting informative content about sword-fighting specifically, or just any battle, combat, (even the ones that don’t involve bloodshed), you can use ⚔️. Like, “Please attend the battle of the bands! ⚔️” or “I’ll call you better only if you can beat me ⚔️”.
  • ⚔️ is probably the best emoji description of “having no chill”. So, if you’re commenting on a post that has no chill, responding to a text, or even posting a picture with a ‘no chill’ caption, use ⚔️.
  • You can use ⚔️ even in contexts of strength; being strong (physically and/or mentally), showing strength, etc.
  • Instances for the previous point – “Have no fear, and have no chill ⚔️” or “Whooaaa. Her moves just have no chill whatsoever! ⚔️”.
  • Even while sharing victorious news from a closely spectated battle, war, competition, etc., you can use ⚔️ – “Love how the red team cutthroat with the blue team! ⚔️” or “Aaaand. WE WON! ⚔️ GET THAT??!”.

Other Names

  • ⚔️ Two Swords
  • ⚔️ Crossed Daggers
  • ⚔️ Fighting Swords
  • ⚔️ A Pair of Swords
  • ⚔️ Crossed Blades
  • ⚔️ A Pair of Cutlasses