🔨 Hammer


Electrician Hammer, Carpentry, Molding, Beating, Drunk, Intoxication Fixating, Nailing It

🔨 Meaning: A typical electrician hammer with a black handle below and a silvery metallic top with a flat circular structure on one side and a pointy curve on the other.

The 🔨 Hammer emoji represents a tool generally used in carpentry, electrical work, and maybe even plumbing. It signifies fixating, knocking/pushing/hammering down something, molding, and a sense of “putting something in its place” too.

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How and When to Use the 🔨 Hammer Emoji

  • Hammers are used to crack things open too. So, the next time something cracked you up, you can use 🔨. Similarly, you can also use it while telling someone about a joke that cracked someone up, or even if you literally cracked something open.
  • Examples for the previous point: “Damn XD That cracked me up 🔨”, “The entire, ENTIRE room cracked up for that lame joke XD 🔨”, “I shouldn’t have directed all my anger onto that poor eggshell 🔨”.
  • 🔨 could be used to convey a sense of nailing it too. For example, “WHOAAA! You nailed that recipe! 🔨”.
  • If you’re sharing social media posts, embarrassing drunk stories, or even texts about someone or yourself being hammered (drunk/intoxicated), use 🔨.
  • Use 🔨 even while dismissing someone’s ridiculous text messages or any other conversation format. Like, “I advise you to never say that again 🔨’.
  • Generally, you can also put 🔨 into contexts of carpentry; be it a personal video of making something, a viral video, a woodworks video, etc.

Other Names

  • 🔨 Electrician Hammer
  • 🔨 Carpenter Hammer
  • 🔨 Claw Hammer
  • 🔨 Tool
  • 🔨 Handyman
  • 🔨 Sharp Objects
  • 🔨 Mallet
  • 🔨 Gavel