🪜 Ladder


Climb Up, Scale, Climb Down, Corporate Ladder, Back and Forth

🪜 Meaning: A wooden double ladder converging towards a flat surface that is either used to sit or stand on. Both ladders have symmetrical pairs of wooden stairs and two metal straps in between that help in folding and unfolding.

The 🪜 Ladder emoji signifies climbing up, reaching a height and maybe even coming down the ladder, in literal and metaphorical senses. This emoji could have an array of phrasal use cases, either in proverbial contexts or general figures of speech too.

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How and When to Use the 🪜 Ladder Emoji

  • If you’re texting someone that everything takes its time, you can use 🪜 as a way of saying “Relax, man. You ought to climb up the ladder with him too. Not just at work 🪜”.
  • You can use this reference in any context; be it in the framework of getting to know someone, building a relationship, self-care, etc.
  • Use 🪜 while posting anything related to the “corporate ladder”. It can be a woman-centric post, an educational video, a myth-busting post, anything.
  • 🪜 can also be used to represent the metaphorical sense of going back and forth. Like, “Geez. Seems like an impossible game of snakes of ladders, isn’t it? 🪜”.
  • Even while referring to a situation that seems like something or someone climbed down the ladder, you can use 🪜. For instance, “There’s no need to stay on top all the time, sometimes, you ought to climb down to your roots 🪜”.

Other Names

  • 🪜 Wooden Ladder
  • 🪜 Wooden Stairway
  • 🪜 Step-Stool
  • 🪜 Stairs
  • 🪜 Scale
  • 🪜 Steps
  • 🪜 Run and Ravel
  • 🪜 Double Ladder