🗡️ Dagger


Fighting, Weaponry, Threatening, Protection, Danger, Stabbing, Swords, Switchblades

🗡️ Meaning: A bottom-right facing sword with a short black handle designed with three round metallic structures around it, while holding a sharp metal knife with a pointy tip.

The 🗡️ Dagger emoji represents a dagger, a sword, and a short sword too. It could signify knife fighting, weaponry, threatening or threats, danger, self-protection, or even just knife throwing.

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How and When to Use the 🗡️ Dagger Emoji

  • A dagger symbolizes a threat. So, if you’re playfully threatening someone, talking about a real threat, or even reposting a sarcastic threat or a genuine one, use 🗡️.
  • Use 🗡️ in the contexts of protection; self and that of others. Like, “I’d kill 🗡️ for what I believe is right” or “Protect the ones you love with all you have 🗡️”.
  • Since 🗡️ also refers to ‘stabbing’, it can be used while calling out all those filthy backstabbers too – “I know who did what 🗡️” or “It’s probably the worst thing you could do to a friend 🗡️”.
  • 🗡️ would represent a samurai sword and any other type of sword as well. Hence, this emoji would fit just fine into related contexts. For example, “Check out this 500 years old samurai sword! 🗡️”.
  • If you’re posting interesting content on wars, fighting, war zones, etc, you may consider 🗡️ in the caption; especially if the fight was ancient or just involved daggers.

Other Names

  • 🗡️ Sword
  • 🗡️ Fighting Sword
  • 🗡️ Samurai Sword
  • 🗡️ Short Sword
  • 🗡️ Knife Weapon
  • 🗡️ Dagger Knife
  • 🗡️ Switchblade
  • 🗡️ Bayonet
  • 🗡️ Blade
  • 🗡️ Cutlass (quite intense, I know)