🪓 Axe


Chopping, Weaponry, Cut Down, Cut Off, Negate, Remove, Deforestation, Reduction

🪓 Meaning: A cutting tool designed with a wooden handle and a thick metal block, steeply sharpened on one side. The 🪓 Axe emoji symbolizes cutting or chopping something down. It could figuratively signify reduction, decrease, and shortage too.

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How and When to Use the 🪓 Axe Emoji

  • If you’re texting someone your plans of cutting down your expenses or even if you’re advising the other person of the same, you could use 🪓.
  • Use 🪓 while talking about brutally cutting something down/off. For example, “Honestly? It’s high time you cut ties with that toxic family 🪓” or “I really, reeeeallly think you could cut yourself some slack here 🪓”.
  • Even in the context of “axing” (essentially, firing) someone out of a particular place, group, organization, etc. you can use 🪓. Like, “Oh, she was axed out a looong time ago 🪓”.
  • An ax is generally used to chop wood, and thus, deforestation. You may use 🪓 while sharing posts or reposts on the subject as well.
  • 🪓 is mandatory while sharing content on ax throwing.

Other Names

  • 🪓 Ax
  • 🪓 Axing
  • 🪓 Hatchet
  • 🪓 Cleaver
  • 🪓 Chopper
  • 🪓 Battleaxe/Battle Axe
  • 🪓 Poleaxe