🛡️ Shield


Protection, Blocking, Safeguard, Guard, Armor, War, Safety, Warrior

🛡️ Meaning: A metal heraldry composed of two colored sides; silver and red, and bordered with a metallic finish. The 🛡️ Shield emoji signifies protection, guarding, safety, securing, and overall blocking any potential harm and danger. It could also symbolize war, fights, and armor.

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How and When to Use the 🛡️ Shield Emoji

  • If you’re talking about negativity in any context and you’re looking for emojis to support your cause, you could consider this strong one 🛡️. For example, “Always shield your mind from negative self-talk 🛡️” or “Sometimes negativity is a lot poisonous than poison itself 🛡️”.
  • You can use 🛡️ while indicating protection as well – “There’s nothing wrong in using a little caution before letting your guard down 🛡️” or “Guard yourself before you lend what’s yours 🛡️”.
  • 🛡️ represents the massive lot of armory. Hence, this emoji would come in handy while sharing content on war, soldiers, etc.; informative posts, tribute posts, individual birthday or anniversary reposts, anything.
  • Similarly, if you’re referring to something or someone as a ‘warrior’, you can use 🛡️. Like, “There goes our little warrior 🛡️” or “Be your own warrior 🛡️”.

Other Names

  • 🛡️ Armor
  • 🛡️ Guard
  • 🛡️ Defense
  • 🛡️ Protection
  • 🛡️ Bulwark
  • 🛡️ Heraldry
  • 🛡️ Metal Shield