🔩 Nut and Bolt


Details, Little Things, Fixing, Essentials, Fixating, Mechanics, Basics, Ins and Outs

🔩 Meaning: A metallic bolt with spiral engravings, fitted with a pair of nuts; one at the top and the other, halfway towards the bottom. The 🔩 Nut and Bolt emoji represents the basics for fixating things. It could signify parts of the whole or even the ‘little things’ and details.

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How and When to Use the 🔩 Nut and Bolt Emoji

  • If you’re asking someone for all the details, use 🔩. Like, “Tell me EVERYTHING 🔩”. Similarly, use 🔩 while advising someone about the ‘details’ too – “There would be no big picture without the little details 🔩”.
  • Use 🔩 in the caption for posts and reposts about the ‘little things’ or the ones that resonate with the same theme. For example, “If you don’t better the little things, the bigger ones would always be hollow 🔩”.
  • Sometimes, 🔩 is mistaken for a dumbbell, which is essentially a terribly wrong assumption and use-case. Although there aren’t any gym-related emojis, this emoji would be the wrong one to use in that context.
  • Since 🔩 would also refer to screws, you may bring this emoji into frameworks of implicitly being screwed. Like, “Here’s a gist of how screwed our economy is 🔩” or “Oh. This is definitely unscrewable 🔩”.
  • While sharing pictures or videos of any kind of mechanics within the spectrum, you can bring 🔩 into the caption; it could be an aesthetic photo of car mechanics, an educational machinery video, etc.

Other Names

  • 🔩 Nuts and Bolts
  • 🔩 Screws
  • 🔩 The Ins and Outs
  • 🔩 Mechanics
  • 🔩 Details
  • 🔩 Bolt
  • 🔩 Screw
  • 🔩 Metal Nut and Bolt