🦚 Peacock


Beauty, Nature, Lure, Attraction, Dance, Blue and Green, Flight, Pride, Flaunt

🦚 Meaning: A full body description of a peacock with all its feathers spread out while standing on its two yellowish legs. It is designed with soothing shades of blue and green, along with a little detailing in the feathers.

Although the 🦚 Peacock emoji refers to a male peafowl, it can be used to refer to any gender and any species of the bird. It signifies beauty, pride (as the phrase goes), and a sense of being luring and pretentious just to get more chicks (it’s true).

Copy and paste this emoji:

How and When to Use the 🦚 Peacock Emoji

  • Are you flaunting the flawless ‘peacock’ makeup look you just pulled off, or a new ‘blue-green’ dress you bought or a couple of gorgeous peacock feathers that you gathered? Anything peacock-related post can use a 🦚 emoji in the caption.
  • Use 🦚 while sharing those spectacular peacock photos that you managed to capture. It can also be a repost or retweet of some stunning peacock photos or videos.
  • If you find someone to be as gorgeous as a peacock and that much pretentious, or someone who dresses up just to get some attraction and attention, you can use 🦚 to describe or refer to that person. Like “So…. I was telling you about him right? Guess what, he truly sucks 🦚”.
  • You can also use 🦚 to comment on a post that’s quite flashy and unnecessarily dramatic.

Other Names

  • 🦚 Peafowl
  • 🦚 Peahen
  • 🦚 Mayura
  • 🦚 Blue-Green Bird
  • 🦚 Dancing Bird
  • 🦚 Attracter
  • 🦚 Prancing Peacock
  • 🦚 National Bird of India
  • 🦚 Dancing Peacock