🦜 Parrot


Vibrance, Nature, Intellect, Charm, Imitation, Talking, Long Life, Spice Tolerance

🦜 Meaning: A full-body profile of a parrot with gorgeous shades of lime green, yellow and red across the body, two short green legs, claws, and a hooked greenish beak with black and reddish eyes.

The 🦜 Parrot emoji refers to a yellow-headed amazon. However, it can be used to suggest other species of parrots and parakeets as well. It signifies intellect, imitation, a great life span, vibrance (although some aren’t exotically colored, all are beautiful), and a nurtured ‘gift of the gab’.

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How and When to Use the 🦜 Parrot Emoji

  • If someone decided to mess with you by annoyingly repeating everything you’re texting, you can use 🦜 to tell them to STFU, or you can also save their contact with this emoji, given their annoying sense of playfulness.
  • Parrots are known for their spice tolerance. So, if you or someone you know loves spice more than any other flavor, you can use 🦜 to refer to that person. If it’s you, you can use this emoji in your social media profile name too.
  • If you’re a bird lover and/or you closely work with these beautiful species on a daily basis, you can use 🦜 in your social media profile name too.
  • Although not monogamous, parrots usually match their mates with their physical features. So, if you know a couple or you and your S.O is that couple who strangely look like each other, you can use 🦜 in those contexts. For instance, “Happy anniversary, you two! 🦜 🦜 May you continue to scarily look like each other xD Cheers!” (and ignore the monogamy part, them parrots are immoral).

Other Names

  • 🦜 Yellow Headed Amazon
  • 🦜 Parakeet
  • 🦜 Macaw
  • 🦜 Cockatoo
  • 🦜 Talking Parrot
  • 🦜 Kea
  • 🦜 Rio (blue, but still usable)
  • 🦜 Iago (from Alladin)
  • 🦜 Jose Carioca (Donald Duck’s buddy)

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