🐦 Bird


Flight, Freedom, Feathery Creatures, Nature, Flip the Bird, Aviation, Ecosystem

🐦 Meaning: The description of a bird’s side face with big, almond-shaped eyes, a greyish beak, and a blue-tinted body. The color and bodily description of this emoji would greatly vary among different platforms.

The 🐦 Bird emoji refers to any bird species; it acts as a generic umbrella emoji for all kinds of birds. It suggests aviary, nature, bliss, and a sense of being free and believing that you can fly (did you hear it too?).

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How and When to Use the 🐦 Bird Emoji

  • If you’re sharing pictures or videos of birds, nests, habitats, or anything bird-related, you can use 🐦 in that caption.
  • Are you sharing pictures of some birds that you came across on your way to work? Or from a zoo? (sad, but true). Or are you sharing pictures of your own birdies? Then, use 🐦 in all such contexts.
  • If you’re a bird lover, or if you’re into bird conservatory, or you strongly believe a bird to be your spirit animal, any such themes, you can use 🐦 in your social media profile name.
  • Besides, 🐦 can also symbolize a smart way of shutting someone up; it can be a beautiful replacement to the 🖕 Middle Finger emoji aka flippin’ the bird.
  • Use 🐦 while sharing funny content that are related to birds, memes, bird quarrels, birdies in love, etc.
  • If you’re into bird photography, you can use 🐦 in your social media profile name (among other indicative emojis). You can also use this emoji while sharing the images of birds that are not really available in the emoji world for now.

Other Names

  • 🐦 Fowl
  • 🐦 Birdie
  • 🐦 Avifauna
  • 🐦 Flipping the Bird
  • 🐦 Birdie (the singer)
  • 🐦 Aviary
  • 🐦 Feathered Creature
  • 🐦 Birdman
  • 🐦 Twitter Bird