🦅 Eagle


Fierceness, Bird of Prey, Intimidating, Fearless, Flight, Mascot, Focus, Determination

🦅 Meaning: A full-body profile of an eagle with black feathers and spread out feathery wings, a shade of white from the neck to the head, and a curved but sharp beak that is of the same color as its claws.

The 🦅 Eagle emoji refers to a bald eagle. Although this bird of prey signifies a sense of being fierce, merciless, and mighty, it can also suggest great visual senses, incredible grip, balance and focus.

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How and When to Use the 🦅 Eagle Emoji

  • Use 🦅 in your social media profile name if you love eagles or if you’re somehow closely related to them by your occupation and interests.
  • If you wish to indicate ‘fierceness’ in any context, like a personal picture caption or that of a post that you found to be badass, anything, you can use 🦅 in such contexts.
  • While sharing pictures and/or videos of eagles that you shot by yourself (with a camera, of course) or brilliant photos captured by someone else, as a repost, use 🦅 in the caption.
  • 🦅 can also be used in a direct message conversation. For instance, if someone told you or showed you something enticing, like a mouth-watering recipe or a pair of orgasmic new shoes or a watch, you can use this emoji to express eagerness to grab it (maybe not prey on it, but, intensely borrow it).
  • If your organization/group/band, etc are named as ‘eagle(s)’ or named after a particular eagle, or has an eagle for a mascot, you can use 🦅 in your business social media profile name.

Other Names

  • 🦅 Bald Eagle
  • 🦅 Hawk
  • 🦅 Falcon
  • 🦅 Bird of Prey
  • 🦅 Eaglet
  • 🦅 Aquila
  • 🦅 Bird of Jove
  • 🦅 Raptor
  • 🦅 Aquiline

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