🐓 Rooster


Poultry Farming, Animal Husbandry, Bird Meat, Chicken, Food, Wine

🐓 Meaning: A full-body profile of a rooster with white feathers, a tail, thin yellowish legs, and claws, with a red comb on top of the head and wattles of the same colour.

The 🐓 Rooster emoji signifies poultry farming and a natural morning alarm. On the other hand, this emoji can also refer to meat and non-vegetarian food.

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How and When to Use the 🐓 Rooster Emoji

  • If you’re posting a photos and/or videos with your roosters or with your farm, you can use 🐓 in that post caption.
  • You can also use 🐓 in your social media profile if you love roosters, or if you’re into poultry farming, or if you work towards the welfare of these birds, or if you love Alice in Chains (if you get it, you get it).
  • Use 🐓 while sharing information about roosters; caring for the birds, animal husbandry, etc, on your social media handle.
  • If yours is a restaurant social media page that serves chicken primarily, then you must have 🐓 in your social media profile name along with the 🐔 Chicken emoji.
  • If you’re waking someone up with a text message or constant spams, or if you’re wishing someone a good morning, you can use 🐓 in such messages.
  • If you love wine, or moreover, Tuscan Black Rooster and you’re telling your buds about your drinking options for the party tonight, use 🐓 in such contexts, like “Come on over and the Black Rooster’s all yours 🐓”.

Other Names

  • 🐓 Male Chicken
  • 🐓 Chicken
  • 🐓 Fowl
  • 🐓 Poultry
  • 🐓 Cockerel
  • 🐓 Cock
  • 🐓 Chanticleer (if the rooster were from a fairytale)