🆚 VS Button


Versus, Competition, Match, Sports, Divider, Face Off, Battles, Teams, Parties

🆚 Meaning: A ‘V’ and an ‘S’ in white, engraved onto a nice, vibrant, yellow square that’s glossy in its finish and rounded on its sides and corners.

The 🆚 VS Button emoji is the emoji version of the ‘vs’ or ‘versus’ that’s generally used in competitions and other competitive contexts. This emoji signifies a battle, a fight, opponency, and a sense of ‘facing off/each other’.

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How and When to Use the 🆚 VS Button Emoji

  • While sharing sports-related content either on your social media handle or via text/direct message (DM), 🆚 can be the divider between the teams. For example, “It’s the Buffaloes 🆚 the Titans tonight!”.
  • 🆚 generally evokes a sense of competition, as mentioned in the previous section. With that in mind, you could include this emoji in related contexts. For instance, “Why don’t you compete with yourself if you’re so obsessed with competition 🆚” or “When I get back, it’s showtime. You 🆚 me“.
  • You could also use 🆚 in contexts that revolve around the essence and/or the word ‘divide’. Like, “A house divided against itself cannot stand 🆚” or “The more we divide, the more labels we have 🆚”.
  • Reflecting back onto the first point, 🆚 aligns with any sector that hones competition in its natural agenda, and not just sports. It could be a political face-off, a dance battle, and other such themes.
  • Setting the competitive air aside, 🆚 could work as an abbreviation too. It would fit into popular and well-accepted expansions such as ‘Victoria’s Secret’, ‘Visual Studio’, ‘Vertical Scale’, etc.

Other Names

  • 🆚 Versus
  • 🆚 VS Sign
  • 🆚 Squared VS
  • 🆚 Victoria’s Secret
  • 🆚 Visual Studio
  • 🆚 Competition
  • 🆚 Battle
  • 🆚 Match