🫖 Teapot


Tea Party, Get Together, Friendship, Affection, Tea, Tea Brands, Tea Break, Kettles

🫖 Meaning: A blue teapot with a handle and a snout that’s facing the left side. On every platform, the design, colour and direction of this emoji would largely vary.

The 🫖 Teapot emoji represents tea, a tea party, tea break, or even just a nice vessel to bring home. This emoji signifies togetherness, friendship, sharing, affection, and a tiny sense of excitement as well.

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How and When to Use the 🫖 Teapot Emoji

  • Use 🫖 while sharing pictures of some super fancy teapots.
  • While inviting someone over for a tea party or just some tea without the party bit, you can use 🫖 and other relevant emojis in that text message.
  • A teapot signifies friendship, but not primarily for the millennials. So, if you’re at such an age where a teapot truly signifies friendship, affection, and togetherness to you, ensure to use 🫖 while sharing social media posts or stories with your buddies.
  • Tea jewelry is one of the cutest jewelry there is. While posting or reposting some cute teacup earring pictures, or even that of a saucer pendant, etc, you can include 🫖 in the caption.
  • Also, a teapot has an English vibe to it. Hence, you can use 🫖 while posting or reposting anything that’s ‘English’/ ‘British’.

Other Names

  • 🫖 Tea Pot
  • 🫖 Coffeepot
  • 🫖 Cutlery
  • 🫖 Gravy Boat
  • 🫖 Creamer
  • 🫖 Kettle
  • 🫖 Tea Kettle