☕ Hot Beverage


Coffee, Caffeine, Rainy Weather, Comfort, Warmth, Hot Chocolate, Coffee Date

Meaning: A saucer with a wide white cup containing some deep brown liquid within placed on it. There’s also a wave of steam indicated above the cup suggesting that the liquid or beverage in the cup is piping hot.

The ☕ Hot Beverage emoji could most probably suggest coffee; both black and with milk. However, it could refer to hot chocolate, tea, etc. It signifies the start of the day, a coffee date, warmth, comfort, relaxation, and breaks between work.

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How and When to Use the ☕ Hot Beverage Emoji

  • If you’re trying to seem unbothered and don’t have the time for drama, use ☕. For instance,
    Dude. How are you so chill?! You know what’s happening right?”
    Oh yes. I know what’s happening, and I also know that I don’t give a flying fuck ☕”.
  • If you’re inviting someone for a cup of coffee (as a date) or a cup of hot chocolate (as a sesh of Netflix and chill) or a cup of tea (as a formality or even a get together), you can use ☕ in those conversations.
  • Use ☕ while sharing social media stories or texts (rather, rants) of the perfect weather where a cup of coffee or hot chocolate would be the most soothing partner.
  • ☕ could also be used in generic contexts of ‘refreshments’ (isn’t this the best part of any event?).
  • Also, ☕ can be an emoji in the caption for posts that are about coffee/tea estates, coffee beans, tea leaves, cocoa, you know the raw material required for some of the most famous hot beverages.

Other Names

  • ☕ Cup of Coffee
  • ☕ Cup of Tea
  • ☕ Black Coffee
  • ☕ Hot Coffee
  • ☕ Caffeine
  • ☕ Brewed Beverage
  • ☕ Hot Drink
  • ☕ Refreshment

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