🍺 Beer Mug


Chill, Relax, Watch a Game, Drinking, Pubs, Bars, Beer Steins, Beer Pong

🍺 Meaning: A glass stein with some reddish-orange beer in it, filling the mug to the rim and oozing to the top forming a disc of foam. The 🍺 Beer Mug emoji signifies a way to catch up with friends, watch a game, chill, relax, and a great drink to have with almost any kind of food.

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How and When to Use the 🍺 Beer Mug Emoji

  • If you’re calling your friends over for some beer or you’re discussing to catch up for a game at a beer club, use 🍺.
  • While sharing social media posts or stories about drinking beer or even playing beer-based drinking games such as beer pong, make sure to use 🍺.
  • You can also use 🍺 to suggest that you are drunk on beer.
  • Also, 🍺 would be a nice and neutral emoji to use while referring to broader themes such as ‘pubs’, ‘bars’, ‘alcohol’, and the like.
  • If you’re flaunting your beer belly with someone close enough to cringe out by it but still love you, or you’re texting someone about how endlessly it’s growing, use 🍺.
  • Use 🍺 while sharing exciting yet informative posts on beer; like the different kinds of beers you’ve tasted, beer making, even beer-based beauty products that you’ve used (or not).

Other Names

  • 🍺 Beer
  • 🍺 Beer Stein
  • 🍺 Stein Mug
  • 🍺 Ale
  • 🍺 Beer Pint
  • 🍺 Booze