🧉 Mate


Caffeine, Strong Coffee, South American Caffeinated Drink, Stimulant

🧉 Meaning: A dark brown deep coconut shell kind of a container with a silvery rim and a steel straw sticking out of the cup. The 🧉 Mate emoji refers to the famous South American drink, Maté. It signifies a strong caffeine dose, mental stimulation, and potential risk if overdone.

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How and When to Use the 🧉 Mate Emoji

  • First things first. 🧉 ain’t coconut or a coconut drink. So, please tell your high self not to use it in coconut contexts.
  • Now, if you’re in a desperate need of some strong, face-slapping dose of caffeine and you’re texting someone about the same, you can use 🧉. For instance, “Dude. I fkn regret staying up late last night. I feel like a zombie rn. Only some mate can save me 🧉 😩”.
  • If y’all love mate, you can use 🧉 in your ‘Good Morning’ texts as well.
  • Considering the origin of this soothing drink, you can also use 🧉 in the caption while sharing South American drink/beverage-based posts (or reposts) in general and even precisely about mate.
  • You can also use 🧉 to suggest ‘caffeine-high’. For example, “Bro. Sorry, lost you guys at ‘this morning’ I’m soaring on caffeine 🧉”.
  • If maté is your thing, then 🧉 would be sweet emoji to ask a romantic interest out for some strong ass caffeinated drink.

Other Names

  • 🧉 Maté
  • 🧉 Yerba Mate
  • 🧉 Caffeine-Rick Drink
  • 🧉 South American Caffeinated Drink
  • 🧉 South American Drink
  • 🧉 Chimarrāo
  • 🧉 Cimarrón

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