🍷 Wine Glass


Raising a Toast, Celebration, Relaxation, Cheers, Ageing, Fine Wine

🍷 Meaning: A breakable glass with a deep cup, a thin connector, and a circular base; essentially, a wine glass 🙂 holding some red wine in it. The 🍷 Wine Glass emoji can signify relaxation, a wedding toast, a chill sesh with your buddies (if y’all like wine), and a general essence of ‘cheers!’.

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How and When to Use the 🍷 Wine Glass Emoji

  • If you’re raising a playful and goofy toast for a best friend or any other person who’s emotionally close to you, then you can use 🍷. For example, “I’d like to say, I had thought for a very long time, that you, my bestie were asexual. But thanks to your new boyfriend, I believe you’re not 🍷” (true story btw xD).
  • A glass of wine also conveys a sense of saying “let’s sit and talk about our problems, sis“. So, you can use 🍷 as a response to anyone is texting you about how their life or their mind, etc is falling apart (it can be used even when you’re the one venting).
  • As mentioned above, 🍷 can signify ‘cheers!’ as well. The next time you wish to genuinely say ‘cheers’ or do it just to piss someone off, you can use this emoji. For instance,
    “Omg. I broke up with that rat bastard again. WHY DID I DO IT FOR THE FOURTH TIME”.
    Your response: “I warned ya. But, cheers. Have a good one, you dumbass🍷”.
  • Use 🍷 while referring to the concept of ‘aging’. Suppose you’re posting a picture of a celebrity who ages like fine wine, you can use this emoji in that caption.

Other Names

  • 🍷 Glass of Red Wine
  • 🍷 Red Wine
  • 🍷 Wineglass
  • 🍷 Drinking Glass
  • 🍷 Flute Glass
  • 🍷 Schooner Glass