🧋 Bubble Tea


Taiwan Bubble Tea, Tea With Tapioca Balls, Boba, Chilled Drink, Summers, Taiwan Pearls

🧋 Meaning: A plastic cup with a blue lid, a purple straw going through the lid, and into the light brown liquid within the cup. The liquid aka tea has a couple of black dots or bubbles in it.

The 🧋 Black Tea emoji refers to the OG Taiwan bubble tea, composing of tea and tapioca balls settling at the bottom of the cup. Honestly, one of the most fun (fun doesn’t imply healthy) drinks, this emoji can signify the summers, as it is best served cold, or even revenge 🙂 (pardon the joke).

How and When to Use the 🧋 Bubble Tea Emoji

  • If you’re sharing pictures from your summer or even sharing social media stories about the ‘perf summer vibe’, anything summer-related, then you can use 🧋 in all those contexts. It works even better if you’re a bubble tea fan yourself.
  • Use 🧋 while posting and reposting specific bubble tea pictures, stories, videos, or even memes.
  • You can also use 🧋 while commenting on yummy tea posts (essentially saying, nothing can beat bubble tea).
  • While texting a friend to catch you up with some bubble tea, use 🧋. Similar context can also be applied while sending home-made bubble tea pictures or even links about bubble tea.

Other Names

  • 🧋 Boba
  • 🧋 Pearl Milk Tea
  • 🧋 Bubble Milk Tea
  • 🧋 Boba Tea
  • 🧋 Taiwan Pearl Tea
  • 🧋 Taiwan Pearls
  • 🧋 Tea With Tapioca Balls