???? Pouting Face


Angry AF, Furious, Frustrated, Mad, Rage, Hate, Violent,

???? Meaning: A reddish orange-tinted face with frowned eyes, a soul-staring pair of eyes, and a tiny, downward curve for a mouth. This emoji suggests a feeling of burning rage or anger. It is very similar in features to the ???? Angry Face emoji, the only difference being the red face here.

Although owning a cute name, the ???? Pouting Face emoji symbolizes intense temper and frustration, the kind that makes you feel ‘your blood boiling’. This emoji signifies the untameable human emotion of fury, madness, and a full-blown, impulsive outburst of violence.

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How and When to Use the ???? Pouting Face Emoji

  • If you just witnessed something that made you want to throw a brick at someone or something, send this emoji as a reaction in such an infuriating context.
  • If someone just told you something that your blood boil, use this emoji as a way of signaling that they have a few seconds to just disappear into thin air.
  • Use this emoji while sending something that pissed you off to an ungodly level.
  • This emoji can also be used in an affectionate sense (seriously), to angrily tell someone to look after themselves, or be more careful, like a “You better ????” phrase (cringe-maxed cheesiness, but works).

Other Names

  • ???? Furious
  • ???? Raging
  • ???? Angry
  • ???? Blood Boiling
  • ???? Hate
  • ???? Mad Face
  • ???? Red Face
  • ???? Pissed Off AF
  • ???? Violent