💢 Anger Symbol


Stress, Anger, Vein Pop, Rage, Frustration, Contempt, Revenge, Mad, Pissed Off

💢 Meaning: Four curves put together on their convex sides to form a sort of a box-shaped symbol. This emoji is inspired by the Anime style of showing anger or frustration on one side of the head.

As the name suggests, the 💢 Anger Symbol signifies anger, rage, madness, irritation, contempt, and impulsive reaction. This emoji basically symbolizes the kind of stress that goes on in an angered mind and is seen as an angry, pulsing vein.

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How and When to Use the 💢 Anger Symbol Emoji

  • If you’re trying to express contempt over a social media post, use this emoji.
  • Send this emoji while telling someone that you’re pissed off.
  • This emoji is the raging anger kind of a symbol, so use it in such contexts.
  • You can also use this emoji to show that complex emotion of disgust, anger, and sadness at the same time too.
  • If you witnessed something and it made your vein pop in anger, use this emoji to show that intense emotion virtually.

Other Names

  • 💢 Anger
  • 💢 Rage
  • 💢 Frustration
  • 💢 Impulsive
  • 💢 Vein Pop
  • 💢 Anger Sign
  • 💢 Angry
  • 💢 Mad
  • 💢 Pissed Off
  • 💢 Blood Boil