😞 Disappointed Face


Hurt, Pain, Sadness, Loss, Grief, Regret, Shame, Guilt, Brokenness

😞 Meaning: A yellow face with lowered, closed eyes and a sad curve for a mouth. Although referring to disappointment, this emoji speaks more on levels of sadness, grief, bitterness and a deep sense of sorrow.

The 😞 Disappointed Face emoji signifies hurt, pain, disappointment (as the name suggests) and even shame to a certain extent. It also suggests regret, remorse, guilt and a feeling of missing someone or something too.

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How and When to Use the 😞 Disappointed Face Emoji

  • Use this emoji while telling someone about something extremely unfortunate or bitter that happened.
  • Send this emoji as a response to something sad or heartbreaking that you witnessed.
  • Bring in this emoji in situations or conversations that speak of hurt or disappointment.
  • This emoji can also be used as a reaction to or an expression of a loss.
  • It can be used as a consoling response to something grievous too.

Other Names

  • 😞 Sad
  • 😞 Miserable
  • 😞 Helpless
  • 😞 Broken
  • 😞 Hurt
  • 😞 Disappointed
  • 😞 Regret
  • 😞 Guilt
  • 😞 Ashamed