😢 Crying Face


Sadness, Pain, Grief, Hurt, Misfortune, Regret, Consolation, Worry

😢 Meaning: A yellow face with furrowed brows and slightly elongated blank eyes, a sad curve for a mouth, and a blue drop of a tear falling off an eye. This emoji suggests a sense of being sad or teary-eyed.

The 😢 Crying Face emoji signifies that choking sensation just before a crying outburst. It reflects the emotion of feeling remorse, regret, pain, misfortune, or even just plain sadness.

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How and When to Use the 😢 Crying Face Emoji

  • Use this emoji in less intense sad situations or conversations.
  • This emoji can also be used to show that you’re on the verge of crying a flooding river of sadness.
  • You can bring in this emoji in the context of grief, sympathy, or even pity to a slight extent.
  • If you’re telling someone about something unfortunate that happened, send this emoji to enhance that emotion of loss or just hurt.
  • This emoji can fit into scenarios of hurt, brokenness, and feeling incredibly low too.
  • If you’re tearing up about something and you just need to tell your bestie before that tear falls off, send this emoji in that message.

Other Names

  • 😢 Sad
  • 😢 Grief
  • 😢 Regret
  • 😢 Hurt
  • 😢 Pain
  • 😢 Tear
  • 😢 Teared Up
  • 😢 Consolation
  • 😢 Worried

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