😧 Anguished Face


Shocked, Surprised, Anxious, Nervous, Distress, Worry, Hurt, Worried

😧 Meaning: A yellow face with raised eyebrows, open eyes and an open, toothless, downward-curved mouth. This emoji shows shades of sadness, disappointment, worry, shock and concern, in general.

The 😧 Anguished Face emoji is the same as the 😦 Frowning Face With Open Mouth emoji, but with eyebrows. While it signifies a negative sense of surprise and awe, this emoji also signals anxiousness, nervousness, and distress – as suggested by the name.

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How and When to Use the 😧 Anguished Face Emoji

  • If you’re telling your buddies or your mum about being anxious or nervous about starting a new job or something, use this emoji in that conversation.
  • You can also use this emoji as a reaction to something visibly disturbing and sad.
  • If you just witnessed something shocking, apply this emoji in that context.
  • Use this emoji while telling your friends about the shocking incident you just witnessed.

Other Names

  • 😧 Shocked
  • 😧 Surprised
  • 😧 Distressed
  • 😧 Stressed Out
  • 😧 Worried
  • 😧 Pained Face
  • 😧 Sad
  • 😧 Hurt
  • 😧 Oh
  • 😧 Tensed
  • 😧 Worried