😵 Dizzy Face


Shock, Disbelief, Unsteady, Drunk, Surprised, Speechless, Jaw Dropping. Open Mouth

😵 Meaning: A yellow face with two ‘X’s for eyes, raised eyebrows, and a wide-open, hollow ‘O’ for a mouth. This emoji refers to a feeling of being physically dizzy, or mentally dizzy; where you can’t remember what happened.

Although called the 😵 Dizzy Face, this emoji resonates with other emotions such as shock, surprisement, speechlessness, amusement, or maybe even disappointment. This emoji can be used to show unsteadiness and intoxication too. The Facebook variant of this emoji has a purple shade for the top of the head.

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How and When to Use the 😵 Dizzy Face Emoji

  • If your buddies are sending pictures of a ‘wild night’ and you don’t remember a thing, send this emoji in that conversation.
  • If you’re shocked by a situation, conversation, or a person’s behavior, send this emoji as a sign of disbelief.
  • This emoji can also be used to tell someone how ‘intoxicated’ or dizzy you are.
  • If a casual conversation suddenly flipped onto you out of nowhere, send this emoji as a way of saying ‘Um, excuse me, wtf’.
  • You can also use this emoji to show that you’re speechless.

Other Names

  • 😵 Dizzy
  • 😵 Shocked Face
  • 😵 Surprised
  • 😵 Intoxicated
  • 😵 Cross Eyes Face
  • 😵 Spiral Eyes Face
  • 😵 Disbelief
    😵 Open Mouth