😐 Neutral Face


Um, Dilemma, Confusion, Uncertainty, Straight Face, Speechless, Unsure

😐 Meaning: The Neutral Face emoji is a yellow face with wide, blank eyes and a straight line for a mouth. This emoji brings out a neutral sensation to the conversation – more like an ‘I don’t know what to say’ phrase. It suggests a sense of uncertainty, dilemma, confusion, and an overall blank expression.

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How and When to Use the 😐 Neutral Face Emoji

  • When someone asks you an opinion on something you have no personal clue on, you can send this as a sign of cluelessness.
  • If you’re sending something you have no comments on, so much so that it’s left you speechless (in a negative way), you can send this emoji to show that.
  • If you’re texting someone about something and that something has left you in a maze of confusion, use this emoji to signal that.

Other Names:

  • 😐 Unsure Face
    😐 Clueless Face
  • 😐 Dilemma
  • 😐 Straight Face
  • 😐 Face With Straight Mouth
  • 😐 Straight Faced
    😐 I Don’t Know Face
    😐 Um Emoji
  • 😐 Speechless
    😐 Unable to Decide
    😐 Confused