👳‍♂️ Man Wearing Turban


Religion, Culture, Ethnicity, Identity, Fashion, Headwear, Headgear, Costume, Dress Up

👳‍♂️ Meaning: A description of a man’s face with facial hair and a white turban tied to the head. This emoji refers to men from a particular religious identity, cultural ethnicity, or even fashionable attire.

The 👳‍♂️ Man Wearing Turban emoji signifies culture, faith, religion, tradition, custom, and physical identity. This emoji can also suggest a style statement, like a bandana.

It is available in the designated skin tones on almost all platforms.

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How and When to Use the 👳‍♂️ Man Wearing Turban Emoji

  • The turban in 👳‍♂️ signifies religious faiths such as Islam and Sikhism. So, if you’re wishing someone for any festival that’s celebrated by believers of these faiths, then you can use this emoji in such greetings.
  • If you belong to the religions that wear the turban as a part of their identity, then you can use 👳‍♂️ in your social media profile names if you like to be strongly identified by your religion or culture.
  • Setting the religious aspect aside, turbans or bandanas can also suggest a sense of fashion. So, if you’re posting a picture of you wearing a turban or you love to flaunt your collection of bandanas on social media, then you can use 👳‍♂️ in such posts, either as a caption or within the post itself.
  • 👳‍♂️ can also be used while posting about your culture, tradition, etc, where you sport the turban.

Other Names

  • 👳‍♂️ Sikh Man
  • 👳‍♂️ Muslim Man
  • 👳‍♂️ Arabic Man
  • 👳‍♂️ Man With Headgear
  • 👳‍♂️ Man With Turban
  • 👳‍♂️ Bandana
  • 👳‍♂️ Headwear
  • 👳‍♂️ Fashionable Turban
  • 👳‍♂️ Turban Costume