Category: 👩‍🦰 People & Body

✊ Raised Fist

Unity, Empowerment, Activism, Rebellion, Motivation, Power, Strength, Fearlessness, Equality

👎 Thumbs Down

Dislike, Disapproval, Disagreement, Nope, Nah, Bad, Unacceptance

👍 Thumbs Up

Approval, Acceptance, Appreciation, Like, Agreement, Best of Luck, Best Wishes, Done

🤛 Left Facing Fist

Fist Bump, Nudge, Appreciation, Approval, Acceptance, Friendliness, Playfulness, Casual

🤜 Right-Facing Fist

Playfulness, Fist Bump, Appreciation, Inside Jokes, Friendliness, Platonic Love, Approve

👏 Clapping Hands

Happiness, Encouragement, Appreciation, Support, Cheer, Excitement, Awe, Applause

🙌 Raising Hands

Celebration, Excitement, Praise, Preach, Worship, Hallelujah, Relief, Achievement, Yaas, Gratitude, Celebrate

👐 Open Hands

Honesty, Trust, Transparency, Truthfulness, Jazz Hands, Excitement, Virtual Hugs, Open Arms

🤲 Palms Up Together

Prayer, Faith, Hope, Begging, Openness, Honesty, Transparency, Studying, Reading, Read Into, Focus

🤝 Handshake

Agreement, Cordiality, Greetings, Deal, Goodbye, Nice Meeting You, Formal, Mutual Understanding and Respect

🙏 Folded Hands

Namaste, Hello, Prayer, Devotion, Welcome, Thank You, Please, Hope, Apology, High Five

💅 Nail Polish

Sassiness, Attitude, Carefree, Nonchalance, Indifference, Beauty, Make Up, Dress Up, Swag

🤳 Selfie

Clicking a Selfie, Making Memories, Nostalgia, Togetherness, Inclusive, Dressing Up, Nonchalance

💪 Flexed Biceps

Muscle Power, Work Out, Hit the Gym, Fitness, Strength, Motivation, Encouragement, Appreciation, Empowerment

🦾 Mechanical Arm

Prosthetic Arm, Strength, Power, Empowerment, Mechanical, Robotic, Artificial Intelligence, Work Out

🦵 Leg

Kicking, Football, Walking, Working Out, Leg Day, Squats

🦿 Mechanical Leg

Robotic, Mechanical, Superhuman, Superhero, Kicking, Football, Inclusive, Equality

🦶 Foot

Arrogance, Pride, Ridicule, Walking, Strolling, Massage, Pampered, Footprints, Inspiration, Motivation

👂 Ear

Listen, Hear, Pay Attention to, Listen Carefully, Vigilant, Alert, Secret, Whispers, Ear Ache