🗣 Speaking Head


Speech, Conversation, Monologue, Shouting, Mansplaining, Balderdash, Yelling, Preaching

🗣 Meaning: A silhouette of a person’s head and neck turned to the side (mostly to the left), with an open mouth and a couple of short, straight lines drawn from the mouth; indicating speech.

The 🗣 Speaking Head emoji refers to a human talking; it can suggest both meaningful articulation or just an empty banter as well. This emoji signifies a sense of making a statement, vocalizing one’s thoughts, speaking out/ standing up for a cause or even talking trash.

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How and When to Use the 🗣 Speaking Head Emoji

  • If you’re posting about something you strongly stand for or stand against, you can use 🗣 in that caption.
  • Apart from “speech” per se, 🗣 also signifies shouting. So, if you want to seem like you are shouting for/against something or someone, you can use this emoji. For instance, if you’re telling your bestie something for the fifth time, you can use this emoji as a way of yelling “HOW MANY SHOTS ARE YOU DOWN 🗣. READ WHAT I’M SAYING 🗣. UGH”.
  • If you’re posting a picture or video of yourself that has a savage or a *mic drop* kind of a caption, you can use 🗣 in it. Like “Say it to my face or keep your peace forevahhh 🗣”.
  • You can also use 🗣 while reposting or retweeting something badass and strangely empowering, as a way of saying “PREACH, ma sis 🗣.
  • 🗣 can also be used to indicate balderdash, as said earlier. For example, if you’re sharing a post about something you strongly resist or you find absolutely ridiculous, either on your social media handle or as a direct message (DM), you can use this emoji in such contexts. Like “Mansplain YOURSELF 🗣.
  • If you love debating and roasting everyone and everything around you (metaphorically, speaking), you can use 🗣 in your social media profile name.
  • 🗣 can also be used along with the 🚫 No Entry emoji to indicate “NO TALKING”.

Other Names

  • 🗣 Speech
  • 🗣 Articulation
  • 🗣 Verbalisation
  • 🗣 Shouting
  • 🗣 Yelling
  • 🗣 Banter
  • 🗣 Noise
  • 🗣 Mansplaining
  • 🗣 Talking
  • 🗣 Speaking
  • 🗣 Voicing
  • 🗣 Conversing
  • 🗣 Monologue

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