🦮 Guide Dog


Guiding, Blind, Support, Avoiding Obstacles, Reliance, Trust, Safety, Enabling, Responsibility

🦮 Meaning: A furry dog on all fours, looking straight, with its harness on, enabling visually impaired people to travel on foot without the fear of walking into obstacles.

The 🦮 Guide Dog emoji signifies true support, trust, and safety. Various platforms use different breeds to depict this smart dog. The harness is different here. Unlike a traditional leash, this one’s a solid rounded handle that allows its visually impaired owner to use both hands while being guided on the road.

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How and When to Use the 🦮 Guide Dog Emoji

  • If you want to convey to a person that you will support them during a weakness, you can use the 🦮 emoji.
  • Conversations literally involving guide dogs can have a 🦮 emoji anywhere within them.
  • The key characteristic of this emoji is guidance, which can be used to reassure and be conveyed in any form through the 🦮 emoji.
  • 🦮 does the work of telling a person – “Close your eyes and trust me.
  • 🦮 can also be used to poke fun at a person who displayed a lack of attention while reading a message or picture, implying that they are going blind.

Other Names

  • 🦮 Seeing-Eye Dog
  • 🦮 Support Dog
  • 🦮 Dog For The Blind
  • 🦮 Blind Support Dog
  • 🦮 Support Animal
  • 🦮 Helping Dog
  • 🦮 Caring Dog

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