🐕 Dog


Faithful, Friendly, Loving, Loyal, Trustworthy, Protection, Companionship, Guidance, Domestication, Cute, Family

🐕 Meaning: The full body of man’s best friend: the dog, in all its furry cuteness, standing on all fours, or with one paw raised up, depending on the platform.

Dogs are known for their loyalty, cuddly nature and love, but they also can take on the roles of guardians that are not to be messed with, all of these characteristics are signified by the 🐕 Dog emoji. In most platforms, 🐕 emoji shows a dog with its face pointed towards the left. In some, however, the dog faces straight ahead.

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How and When to Use the 🐕 Dog Emoji

  • 🐕 can be used any place where the subject matter involves dogs.
  • You can use 🐕 to tell that you’re going to be keenly alert (like a dog) about a situation.
  • 🐕 can be used among people to represent their friendship with each other. (Members of a pack)
  • 🐕 also signifies protection and can be used to imply that you’re going to look out for someone.
  • Dogs are also well known for their constant hunger, similar to many people, which can be depicted using 🐕.

Other Names

  • 🐕 Canine
  • 🐕 Puppy
  • 🐕 Doggo
  • 🐕 Pooch
  • 🐕 Dog Body
  • 🐕 Bow Wow

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