😱 Face Screaming in Fear


Fright, Fear, Anxiety, Dread, Terror, Surprise, Shock, Awe, Screaming, Terrified

😱 Meaning: A double-coloured face with a blue hue for the top half of the face and a yellow shade for the lower half. This emoji is characterised by pale, white, oval eyes, an oval and wide-open, toothless mouth and two yellow structures representing the hands holding the face on either side.

The 😱 Face Screaming in Fear emoji signifies intense fear, paranoia, restlessness, and a sense of being pale due to the fear. It shows an elevated feeling of fright, anxiety, terror, and dread. It is also used as a way to show extreme surprise, shock and disbelief sometimes.

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How and When to Use the 😱 Face Screaming in Fear Emoji

  • Use this emoji as a reaction to something horrifying that you witnessed.
  • If someone told you or sent you something unbelievably shocking, send this emoji as a “WHAT” or an “OMGGG” expression.
  • Send this emoji along with something terrible and dreadful that you’re planning on sending to your friends or fam.
  • This emoji can also be used in the context of surprise and awe, like “OMG, Whoaaa 😱”.
  • This emoji would also fit in a scenario of seeing, reading, or watching something breathtakingly awesome.
  • You can send this while narrating something that made your blood go cold and your head feel light due to fear.

Other Names

  • 😱 Terrified
  • 😱 Scared
  • 😱 Frightened
  • 😱 Anxious
  • 😱 Awe
  • 😱 Surprise
  • 😱 Shock/Shocked
  • 😱 Intense Shock
  • 😱 Screaming Face
  • 😱 Scream
  • 😱 OMG
  • 😱 Unbelievable