😥 Sad But Relieved Face


Worry, Anxiety, Nervousness, Fearfully Grateful, Disappointed but Relieved, Stressed

😥 Meaning: A yellow face with frowned eyebrows, blank eyes, and a downward curve signifying a sad mouth. There is also a blue sweat droplet on one side of the face signaling relief.

The 😥 Sad But Relieved Face suggests that “Phew” moment or “Thank god you’re okay” kind of a relief. This emoji shows a sense of affectionate worry, fear, tension, stress, or even that tingly sense of terror.

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How and When to Use the 😥 Sad But Relieved Face Emoji

  • If you’ve been telling someone about something that you’re anxious about, and the actuality wasn’t as bad, use this emoji to show momentary relief.
  • Use this emoji as a reaction to something sad and unfair that you just witnessed.
  • This emoji can also be used to reciprocate someone’s feelings of angst, thus offering comfort over text.
  • You can also use this emoji while sending something worrisome and heart-wrenching.
  • If someone told you something terrible, send this emoji to show that you’re glad it didn’t turn out worse than what it was.

Other Names

  • 😥 Fearful
  • 😥 Angst
  • 😥 Anxious
  • 😥 Nervous
  • 😥 Tensed
  • 😥 Stressed
  • 😥 Grateful but Worried
  • 😥 Worried
  • 😥 Eyebrow Sweat
  • 😥 Disappointed but Relieved