😯 Hushed Face


Oh, Shocked, Surprised, Silenced, Disbelief, Subtle Sarcasm

😯 Meaning: A yellow face with raised eyebrows, blank eyes, and a wide-open but the small ‘o’ for a mouth. This emoji suggests a sense of quietened excitement, hushed down surprisement, or even toned down shock.

The 😯 Hushed Face emoji signifies sudden and subtle realization, like “Ohh 😯“. It can also be used as a sarcastic reaction. This emoji gives out a general essence of a ‘whispered’ reaction.

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How and When to Use the 😯 Hushed Face Emoji

  • If someone’s telling you something secretive, you can use this emoji as a response in that conversation.
  • Use this emoji while cracking some subtle sarcasm.
  • You can bring in this emoji when someone’s telling you something exciting but is also telling you to keep it minimal.
  • Use this emoji while reacting to low-key excitement or surprise.

Other Names

  • 😯 Low-Key Surprised
  • 😯 Toned Down Shock
  • 😯 Subtle Sarcasm
  • 😯 Surprise
  • 😯 Wow
  • 😯 Woah
  • 😯 Surprised Face
  • 😯 Whispered Reaction
  • 😯 Hushed
  • 😯 Shushed
  • 😯 Silenced
  • 😯 Disbelief
    😯 Oh