🙁 Slightly Frowning Face


Slightly Sad, Anxious, Disappointed, Blank, Nervous, Concerned, Unsure

🙁 Meaning: A yellow face with blank, open eyes, and a low-frowned mouth. This emoji suggests emotions of sadness, disappointment, anxiousness – but all of lesser intensity.

The 🙁 Slightly Frowning Face personifies the phrase “I don’t know what to say” in a negative or sad context. It can be used to comfort someone sad or worried, or narrate something moderately unhappy.

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How and When to Use the 🙁 Slightly Frowning Face Emoji

  • If someone just told you something sad, and you don’t really know how to react for starters, use this emoji, and then build up the emotion.
  • You can use this emoji while telling about something sad.
  • This emoji can also be used as a reaction to something sad that you watched or read.
  • If you are disappointed by something in the context of that conversation.

Other Names

  • 🙁 Disappointed
  • 🙁 Slightly Anxious
  • 🙁 Moderately Sad
  • 🙁 Slightly Frowning Face
  • 🙁 Blank Face
  • 🙁 Frowned Face
  • 🙁 Slightly Frowned
  • 🙁 Slight Concern
    🙁 Unsure