😲 Astonished Face


Shocked, Surprised, Awed, Gasping, Whoa, Disbelief, Amazement, Jaw Dropping

😲 Meaning: A yellow face with raised eyebrows and wide-open eyes with an oval, opened mouth showing just the upper teeth. As the name suggests, this emoji signifies astonishment and amazement.

The 😲 Astonished Face brings about a sense of slightly intense awe, shock, and a little surprisement too. This emoji personifies the emotion of gasping in astonishment.

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How and When to Use the 😲 Astonished Face Emoji

  • Use this emoji as a reaction to something unbelievable you just witnessed.
  • You may use this emoji as a reaction to something slightly scary as well, like hearing about a burglary or theft types.
  • If someone just told you about a movie or an actual situation, and you flipped it at the plot twist, use this emoji as the reaction there.
  • This emoji also fits into a ‘gossipy’ kind of a conversation.

Other Names

  • 😲 Shocked Face
  • 😲 Surprise
  • 😲 Gasping Face
  • 😲 Gasp
  • 😲 Disbelief
  • 😲 Amazement
  • 😲 Whoaa
  • 😲 Amazed
  • 😲 Wow
  • 😲 Unbelievable
  • 😲 Great
  • 😲 Jaw Dropping

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