😨 Fearful Face


Scared, Frightened, Terrified, Paranoid, Numb, Surprised, Cold, Restlessness

😨 Meaning: Honing a blue shade on the top half of the face and yellow on the bottom, this emoji has raised eyebrows, blank eyes and a downward-curved wide open mouth.

Besides fear, the 😨 Fearful Face emoji also signifies tension, anxiousness, ‘chills’, paranoia, restlessness, and panic. The blue-headedness here suggests a cold forehead or head, which conveys a sense of mental numbness or feeling numb to the situation masked with intense fear.

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How and When to Use the 😨 Fearful Face Emoji

  • If you’re telling someone about something intensely frightening that happened, use this emoji.
  • Use this emoji as a reaction to something terrifying that you watched, read, or saw.
  • This emoji can be used in contexts of panic and sudden, untameable fear.
  • You can bring in this emoji while talking about something life-threatening or fearful.
  • It can also be used in the context of feeling or being upset about something.

Other Names

  • 😨 Afraid
  • 😨 Terrified
  • 😨 Scared
  • 😨 Surprised
  • 😨 Chills
  • 😨 Numb
  • 😨 Upset
  • 😨 Terrified