🐴 Horse Face


Knight, Strength, Speed, Big Appetite, Power, Obedience, Free Spirit, Untamed, Wild

🐴 Meaning: The long face of a horse with pointy ears sticking out of its signature mane, and a lighter colored muzzle. This emoji signifies the spirit of the horse as well as the more casual “Horsing around” tone of playfulness.

From suggesting the honor of the knight on a chessboard, to the free-spirited nature of horses in the wild, this emoji signifies all the characteristics of a horse but is not to be confused with the 🐎 Horse Emoji, which shows the full body of the horse.

Various platforms vary in the design of this emoji especially the shades and coloring of the horse’s face.

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How and When to Use the 🐴 Horse Face Emoji

  • When someone (including you) is in a playful, mischievous mood, 🐴 can be used to indicate that they’re “horsing around”.
  • Valid too is the other extreme, when you want to indicate that careful, calculated decisions is or were needed, like the movement of a knight on a chessboard.
  • Free spirit can be represented using the 🐴 emoji.
  • The “appetite of a horse” can also be expressed through 🐴.
  • 🐴 also is a symbol of strength and perseverance and can very well speak for those qualities.

Other Names

  • 🐴 Horse Head
  • 🐴 Stallion
  • 🐴 Horsing Around
  • 🐴 Horse Power
  • 🐴 Steed
  • 🐴 Racehorse
  • 🐴 Wild Horse
  • 🐴 Mane
  • 🐴 Pony