🐖 Pig


Messy, Cute, Chubby, Gluttony, Stout, Dirty, Pork, Freedom, Obesity, Playful, Indignity

🐖 Meaning: The entire side-view of the stout, pink body of an adult pig standing on all fours, while facing left. Also seen are its sharp ears, snout, and on the other end, its curly tail.

This emoji signifies a sense of freedom that a (free) pig encapsulates while also suggesting its messy, unorganized characteristics. It also can hint at gluttony and obesity.

The various platforms vary in their depictions of this emoji. Some even show the pig looking straight ahead.

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How and When to Use the 🐖 Pig Emoji

  • First things first. When the subject matter literally involves pigs or piglets, this emoji works absolutely fine.
  • A person who has messy habits, or who just had displayed dirty behavior, can be represented with this 🐖 emoji.
  • Obesity can also be (hurtfully) suggested by this emoji.
  • Gluttony is probably a pig’s most obvious trait and can be represented by 🐖.
  • 🐖 can also replace a derogatory word if you want to offend someone.
  • Pork products in the conversation can be accompanied by 🐖.

Other Names

  • 🐖 Swine
  • 🐖 Piglet
  • 🐖 Piggy
  • 🐖 Oink
  • 🐖 Hog
  • 🐖 Pork
  • 🐖 Porker
  • 🐖 Glutton
  • 🐖 Fat