🐮 Cow Face


Innocence, Friendly, Obesity, Big Appetite, Cute, Harmless, Beef, Dairy, Domestication

🐮 Meaning: A cartoon-like depiction of a cow looking straight ahead characterized by its short horns, small ears, and protruding snout (which is in a color different from its black and white or brown fur).

This emoji suggests the friendly nature and harmless innocence of cows while it can also suggest a big appetite and obesity. Different platforms vary in their designs of this emoji.

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How and When to Use the 🐮 Cow Face Emoji

  • There’s no better emoji than 🐮 when the subject matter involves cows.
  • 🐮 signifies a sense of friendliness and innocence which can be depicted using that emoji.
  • The 🐮 emoji also can depict obesity and people with big appetites.
  • Conversations about beef and dairy products can also welcome the usage of 🐮.

Other Names

  • 🐮 Cows
  • 🐮 Bull
  • 🐮 Calf
  • 🐮 Bovine
  • 🐮 Moo
  • 🐮 Beef
  • 🐮 Dairy
  • 🐮 Innocent Face