🐷 Pig Face


Cute, Chubby, Playful, Big Appetite, Messy, Endearment, Gluttony, Pork, Dirty, Freedom

🐷 Meaning: The pink, round face of a pig, characterized by its pointed ears, and its signature big snout protruding out, displaying its two long nostrils. Also distinctly visible are its round, black eyes.

This emoji signifies the cute innocence of a pig, but also can suggest a sense of “pigging out”, when it comes to food, and even the general messiness of the animal.

Some platforms display the pig’s ears as flappy, instead of pointed.

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How and When to Use the 🐷 Pig Face Emoji

  • When the subject matter literally involves a pig, this emoji works perfectly. (Obviously)
  • 🐷 can set a friendly and playful tone even if it’s not used to depict anything in particular, as a symbol of endearment.
  • This 🐷 emoji can be used to address someone who is rather messy and unorganized.
  • Gluttons beware! This emoji can be used to describe you.
  • In conversations about pork products, 🐷 can easily be used rightly.

Other Names

  • 🐷 Oink
  • 🐷 Swine
  • 🐷 Pig
  • 🐷 Piggy
  • 🐷 Piggy Face
  • 🐷 Hog
  • 🐷 Pork
  • 🐷 Porker
  • 🐷 Glutton