🈹 Japanese ‘Discount’ Button


Price Cut, Discount, Bargain, Sale, Bargain, Wari, Japanese Sign, Button

🈹 Meaning: A white Japanese letter, read as ‘Wari’ and translated as ‘discount’, pasted onto a red block with blunted sides and corners.

The 🈹 Japanese ‘Discount’ Button emoji signifies a discount or a price cut. It could suggest a price drop in purchasable commodities or even a division in the price, both as a discount or even as a share.

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How and When to Use the 🈹 Japanese ‘Discount’ Button Emoji

  • While posting or reposting exciting content about a discount or a sale (both online and offline), 🈹 can be a valuable inclusion. Like, “Have y’all checked out this INSANE offer already?? 🈹”.
  • However, if you’re not accustomed to the Japanese language, 🈹 would seem alien. It’s best to understand and read more about this emoji before use.
  • Use 🈹 while providing a ‘price cut’ in a more personal framework. For instance, “Okay. And only because you’re family now, I cut your repayment in half 🈹” or “Can we divide the total equally? 🈹”.
  • Since 🈹 may even mean a share in a financial whole, you may even include this emoji while speaking of partly owing anything. For example, “What do you mean?? I have a share in this investment! 🈹”.
  • All of these literal applications work just fine metaphorically as well. Here’s how – “Know your worth and stop giving discounts! 🈹” or “Life never gives discounts 🈹 It’s nothing or everything“.

Other Names

  • 🈹 Wari
  • 🈹 Discount
  • 🈹 Price Cut
  • 🈹 Bargain Sale
  • 🈹 Japanese Sign Meaning ‘Discount’
  • 🈹 Squared CJK Unified Discount – 5272