🧺 Basket


Laundry, Fruit Basket, Dirty Laundry, Clothes Basket, Woven Basket, Handmade Basket

🧺 Meaning: A brown laundry basket, mostly woven with bamboo and fitted with a pair of erected brown handles. The basket is seen to either be covering something beneath or just a pile of laundry.

The 🧺 Basket emoji can represent either a laundry basket or a food basket/picnic basket. This emoji signifies portability, collection, efficiency, dirty/clean laundry, and maybe even ‘room service’.

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How and When to Use the 🧺 Basket Emoji

  • If you’re talking about hopes and dreams, 🧺 may come in handy. Like, “That’s what happens when you put all your eggs in one basket 🧺” or “Keep all your eggs in one basket, but watch that basket closely 🧺”.
  • If you’re referring to something uncomfortable and stress-provoking, 🧺 could come into the picture. Here’s how – “I don’t want to bring up that dirty laundry 🧺” or “It’s just dirty laundry now, man 🧺”.
  • A basket could represent a unit of measurement too. For instance, “She gave me a basket full of chocolates 🧺 I kid you not” or “Get a fruit basket 🧺.That should be enough”.
  • Use 🧺 while sharing sharing aesthetic pictures of woven baskets, bamboo baskets, etc.; it can be sale reposts, a personal post, anything. This applies even when the content is about laundry; quotes, memes, funny videos, or even educational reposts.

Other Names

  • 🧺 Laundry Basket
  • 🧺 Bamboo Basket
  • 🧺 Fruit Basket
  • 🧺 Clothes Basket
  • 🧺 Container
  • 🧺 Woven Basket
  • 🧺 Hamper