🛏️ Bed


Sleep, Rest, Relaxation, Snuggles, Privacy, Home, Accommodation, Furniture

🛏️ Meaning: A simple bed with a wooden cot, a moderately high headboard tucked in pastel blue sheets, a blanket/quilt, and a pillow. The bed here is very similar to the one used by this 🛌 Person in Bed.

The 🛏️ Bed emoji signifies sleep, rest, relaxation, and comfort to an extent. Apart from the obvious, this emoji may symbolize a sense of completion, abrupt incompletion, and tidiness too.

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How and When to Use the 🛏️ Bed Emoji

  • Starting with the symbolic interpretations of 🛏️ – “We kinda put that project to bed 🛏️” (incompletion) or “It’s time to put this baby to bed! 🛏️” (completion).
  • However, 🛏️ may also suggest putting an end to something. For example, “I’d like to put our differences to bed here 🛏️” or “How about you put that negative impression of yourself to bed?? 🛏️“.
  • 🛏️ can be brought into contexts of sleeping together (as a couple, lovers, friends, none of our business), snuggles, physical closeness, and maybe even emotional intimacy. Like, “I miss our snuggles! 🛏️” or “Honestly? I love sharing my bed with her 🛏️“.
  • You could also use 🛏️ to indicate that you’re tired. For instance, “So tired of this garbage 🛏️” or “Enough of interaction for the day! Goodnight folks 🛏️ Lol. Goodmorning”.

Other Names

  • 🛏️ Wooden Cot With Bed
  • 🛏️ Couch
  • 🛏️ The Sack
  • 🛏️ Sleep
  • 🛏️ Home Bed
  • 🛏️ Hotel Room Bed
  • 🛏️ Furniture
  • 🛏️ Sleeping Furniture
  • 🛏️ Go to Bed
  • 🛏️ Call it a Night