🚪 Door


Privacy, Home, Entrance, Exit, Pathway, Opportunities, Growth, Choices, Decisions

🚪 Meaning: A vertically rectangular brown door, mostly wooden, with three smaller, rectangular designs within the outer frame and a golden doorknob or door handle attached at the side.

The 🚪 Door emoji literally represents a door, as the name suggests; an entrance or an exit. Metaphorically, this emoji could symbolize opportunity, pathway, “walking into something/someone”, or even choices/decisions.

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How and When to Use the 🚪 Door Emoji

  • A door that’s obviously closed would signify privacy. If you’re talking about privacy, personal space, and boundaries in a text message or a post caption/social media story, do bring in 🚪.
  • Examples for the previous use-case: “What I’m doing behind closed doors is none of your business 🚪” or “Just because you don’t believe in locking your doors, you don’t have the authority to barge open everyone else’s🚪”.
  • A closed-door could also symbolize a sense of mystery. And hence, use 🚪 while suggesting this enigma in any context. For example, “You never know what’s on the other side until you get there 🚪”.
  • While dropping that much-loved cliche of doors of opportunity as motivational posts or even a caption within a personal post caption, you can use 🚪.
  • There aren’t any emojis for open doors, hence 🚪 would work for closed, opened, and awkwardly baked doors as well.

Other Names

  • 🚪 Wooden Door
  • 🚪 Closed Door
  • 🚪 Doorstep
  • 🚪 Front Door
  • 🚪 Back Door
  • 🚪 Entrance
  • 🚪 Exit
  • 🚪 Doorway