🪠 Plunger


Decluttering, Freeing Up, Unclogging, Unblocking, Unplugging

🪠 Meaning: A left-facing plunger with a wooden stick and a big, round, and red suction cup on the lower end. The color of this suction end would differ on different platforms.

The 🪠 Plunger emoji represents plumbing. It signifies unclogging a blocked sink, pipe, bathroom on the literal side, and unblocking or decluttering one’s physical space and mind on the metaphorical side.

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How and When to Use the 🪠 Plunger Emoji

  • Doesn’t your bestie remember what you’re asking for/about? Is she/he complaining that they forgot important details? Send 🪠 in reply as a way of saying “Unclog your filthy brain and tell me what exactly happened 🪠”.
  • You can use 🪠 in the context of advising someone about good mental health (in a playful way, of course. This use case does not imply anything harmful or belittling). For example, “Declutter your mind once in a while 🪠 Stay away from routine and do what truly makes you happy“.
  • If you’re uploading a picture or video of yourself, the caption for which goes along the lines of unclogging, you can use 🪠 – “Unclog your mind, unclog your room. Arrange your room in the way you want your mind to be 🪠“. And just like that you also have a motivational use case for 🪠!.
  • 🪠 can also be used in the frameworks of ‘unplugging’, ‘unblocking’, and ‘freeing up space’, in any format; picture caption, text message, etc.

Other Names

  • 🪠 Plumbing Device
  • 🪠 Unplugging
  • 🪠 Unclogging
  • 🪠 Unblocking
  • 🪠 Free Up
  • 🪠 Decluttering
  • 🪠 Plunging

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