🚽 Toilet


Waste, Elimination, Privy, Outhouse, Flush, Commode, Morning Routine, Relief

🚽 Meaning: A white commode featuring the pot with a closed lid, a rectangular flush box, and a solid stand for both.

The 🚽 Toilet emoji essentially represents the act of bodily elimination, either through a healthy morning routine or an intoxicated drunken encounter. This emoji signifies waste, relief, and even some “me” time.

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How and When to Use the 🚽 Toilet Emoji

  • Anything that’s flushable is pretty much wasteful by nature. If you’re referring to something that fits this beautiful description, you can use 🚽. For instance, “That attitude has a unique place! 🚽” or “Jesus. Could you get anymore vain? 🚽”.
  • Similarly, 🚽 may be used to indicate a ‘smelly’ situation, conversation, or even a person. For example, “Gosh. That conversation STINKS 🚽”.
  • Generally, a commode or the toilet evokes feelings and sensations of absolute disgust. Hence, 🚽 would fit perfectly into any scenario that is, indeed, disgusting. Like, “Wow. That’s quite a disgusting video 🚽”.
  • If you’re asking someone with the worst idea to ‘take a seat’, use 🚽 (it’s playfully rude. Hence, ensure it’s someone who’s comfortable with your painstaking wordplay) – “You need a special seat for that thought! 🚽”.

Other Names

  • 🚽 Commode
  • 🚽 Lavatory
  • 🚽 Pot
  • 🚽 Privy
  • 🚽 Outhouse
  • 🚽 Latrine
  • 🚽 Bathroom
  • 🚽 Urinal