🪤 Mouse Trap


Hidden Danger, Deceit, Trickery, Dishonesty, Caught in the Act, Red Handed

🪤 Meaning: A rectangular wooden box held up on one side with a stick that has a thin thread tied to it. Beneath this box is a triangular piece of yellow cheese with a couple of holes in it.

The 🪤 Mouse Trap emoji represents a trap as the name and the use of this mechanism suggests. It could also signify trickery, deceit, and maybe even dishonesty to a certain extent, as deduced from the Shakespearean lingo.

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How and When to Use the 🪤 Mouse Trap Emoji

  • If you got tricked into something and you’re texting a close friend or family about it, you can use 🪤 in that context. Like, “It was a solid mousetrap and I walked right into it 🪤 Ugh. Why am I like this?”.
  • Another example of the previous use case – “You wouldn’t believe it. She absolutely mousetrapped him into paying all her bills 🪤!!“.
  • In the same framework, you can use 🪤 while advising someone about a potential trap, hidden danger or helping them read between the lines. For instance, “Hmm. Seems a little fishy to me. Anyhoo. Just watch your step, babe 🪤”.
  • Similarly, 🪤 fits great into the context of catching someone or something red-handed too.
  • While referring to lesser quality cheese, you can use 🪤 as a way of saying “Ew. That’s the typical rat-trap-cheese! 🪤 It tasted horrible”.

Other Names

  • 🪤 Mousetrap
  • 🪤 Rat-Cheese-Trap
  • 🪤 Mousetrapped
  • 🪤 Mouse Trap With Cheese
  • 🪤 Rat Trap
  • 🪤 Build a Trap
  • 🪤 Rodent Trap